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Beautiful Handmade Creations
An Experienced Crafter
Cutting Plywood Panels
Carpenter Cutting Wood
What I Provide
Carpenter Leaning on Piece of Wood

Are you looking for custom-made outdoor furniture or home decor that you can show off to your friends? Whether it’s a Adirondak Chair or a Hexagon Pinic Table  or even just a well made Coffee Table.

Just give me a call or come in and tell me what you have in mind.

Custom Creations by Tom has been dedicated to making beautiful, high-quality pieces. To find out more about them and spend some time browsing my Woodworker Portfolio.

Please get in touch with me for the latest prices on my personalized and handmade products. I work hard in order to come up with ideas for designs that truly represent the unique vision of my clients. Get both readymade products as well as custom products. Get in touch today to find out and let’s get started.

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